Associates's Degree-Senirkent Vocational School -Logistics
Diploma Supplement
Information Identifying The Oualification
Name Of Qualification : Lojistik
Title Confered : Not Applicable
Main Field(s) of Study For The Qualification : Logistics
Name and Status of Awarding Institution : Süleyman Demirel University,a State University
Language(s) of Instruction/Examination : Turkish
Information On The Level Of Oualification
Level Of Qualification :
Official Length of Programme :
Access Requirement(s) :
Information On The Contents and Results Gained
Mode Of Study :
Programme Requirements :
Programme Objectives :
Grading Scheme and Grades : For each course, at least one midterm examination is given during the semester and also students must take a final examination at the end of the semester/year. To take a final examination, students must attend at least 70 percent of the classes, 80 percent of the practices and laboratories, and must take the minimum grade in midterm examination which is set by the faculties. The student is given a grade by the course instructor by taking into account the midterm examinations, final examinations, the semesters work and attendance. The Nominative Grade is found by adding forty percent of the avarage of the midterm exam and sixty percent of the final exam grade. Then the average grade of the course for the whole class is calculated. If the avarage grade is below 70 curve system is applied. If  the average grade is above 70, the grade of the student is given according to the table given below.
Pass Grades: G, AA, BA, BB, CB, CC, DC, DD. The grade (G) is a pass grade for non-credit courses.The CGPA is calculated by taking into account all the courses taken by a student from the beginning of entrance to the graduation which are recognized as valid by the Department in which he/she is registired.Students whose CGPA is between 3.00-3.49 are awarded honours degree and students whose CGPA is between 3.50-4.00 are awarded high honours degree.
  • AA                                         4.00                                                       90-100
  • BA                                         3.50                                                       85-89
  • BB                                         3.00                                                       80-84
  • CB                                         2.50                                                       75-79
  • CC                                         2.00                                                       70-74
  • DC                                         1.50                                                       65-69
  • DD                                         1.00                                                       60-64
  • FD                                          0.50                                                       50-59
  • FF                                          0.00                                                       00-49
Information On The Function of The Qualification
Access to Further Study :
Professional Status Conferred :
Additional Information
Additonal Information :