Associates's Degree-Senirkent Vocational School -Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Program Learning Outcomes
1 Having knowledges and skills in an area which supported application tools and equipments and secondary edcuation level lessons based on gained qualifications at general or professional education.
2 To be able to make using, collecting and defining datas required for the solution of problems which are described completely at air conditioning systems effectively; to show using theoretical knowledges required for practical applications ; manual and/or intellectual skills.
3 To be able to explain clearly applications and designs related air-conditioning systems to colleagues, superiors, persons and groups which are serviced by him/her and to be able to make team work.
4 To show to apply learned subjects and independent learning in the field of air conditioning
5 To show to determine problems related unforeseen situations about studies of air-conditioning and refrigeration and to show ability of search solution.
6 To evaluate and control objectively the performance of employees under his / her responsibilities
7 Having enough foreign language skills level in the field.
8 With the use of basic computer knowledge, to be able to use software and hardware required by his/her profession.
9 To have conscious and knowledge of social responsibility, ethical values and social security rights.
10 To have conscious and knowledge of work safety, worker health and environmental protection about related area.
11 Acknowledge of Atatürk Principles and Revolution History and having conscious about it.