Associates's Degree-Senirkent Vocational School -Marketing
Program Learning Outcomes
1 To define and to gather requisite data about marketing to solve problems that is defined completely, to denote to have access to requisite theoretic information, handcraft and ideational skill on practical applications
2 To be able to transfer definitively to workmate, superiors and person and groups which is gives service, design and applications concerning marketing
3 To denote to learn independently in field concerning marketing and to be able to perform that had been learnt
4 To have the knowledge intermediate for foreign language in field
5 To be able to use office software, internet technology in conjunction with knowledge of computer usage
6 To possess knowledge and awareness about social responsibility, professional ethics and social security rights in field
7 To possess awareness in the matter of Ataturk´s principles and informed in the matter of history reforms
8 To be able to perform the teoritical information about services marketing, direct marketing, international marketing in his/her occupation
9 To dominate the preperations and the applications of pre sale, sale and after sale
10 To be knowledgeable about the customer behaviours and to determine long term relationship strategies