Associates's Degree-Senirkent Vocational School -Business Management
Program Learning Outcomes
1 To understand the basic information and abilities related to business management
2 To use advanced package program and basic information technology related to business management.
3 To know management functions theorically and to apply these functions in practical way
4 To gain adopt ability to teamwork and working condition, office order in business
5 To depict that knowing the all regulation in business establishment and process
6 To depict that knowing the business functions both theorical and practical way
7 To know micro and macro economic information
8 To know sufficient business english
9 To depict having social responsibility and professional ethic in business realtionship and business life
10 To gain ability to percept and solve the problems for the situation and events that may arise in business
11 To gain sufficent information and awareness level about the princibles and revolutions of Atatürk and Turkish using