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Course Information
Course Unit Title : General Economics
Course Unit Code : GDM104
Type of Course Unit : Compulsory
Level of Course Unit : First Cycle
Year of Study : 1
Semester : 2.Semester
Number of ECTS Credits Allocated : 4,00
Name of Lecturer(s) :
Course Assistants :
Learning Outcomes of The Course Unit : 1. Learning basic concepts of economy and problems of national economy
2. Learning how you can solve problems in economic systems
3. Learning to make analysis of consumption theory, with marginal utility and indifference curve analysis, the formation of consumer balance.
4. Comprehending the impact of factors of production, production function, production of short-term and long-term issues
5. Learning production- factors relationship and factor-factor relationship, the most appropriate combination of factors, the company balance analysis
6. Comprehending profit maximization realization, the minimum cost of production subjects
7. Learning function of supply and demand, price formation, market types.
8. Learning distribution theory, factor prices, income distribution, national income, income distribution issues
Mode of Delivery : Face-To-Face
Prerequisities and Co-requisities Courses : Unavailable
Recommended Optional Programme Components : Unavailable
Course Contents : Definition of economy, basic concepts, economic systems, production and production factors, consumption theory, marginal benefit analysis, indifference curve analysis,budget line and consumer balance, Production theory, production function, isoquant curve, principle of decreasing efficiency, Price theory, supply and demand function, elasticities, price formation, market types,cost theory, the lowest cost production,short-and long-term cost curves,enhancing maximum profit or company balance,distribution theory,factor prices, income distribution
Languages of Instruction : Turkish
Course Goals :
Course Aims : To teach basic terms, problems and solutions related to general economy.
WorkPlacement   Not Available
Recommended or Required Reading
Textbook : Pekin, T., 2006. Ekonomiye Giriş. Zeus Kitabevi, ISBN:975-98569-1-3
A PowerPoint presentation enriched through various references
Additional Resources : Ertek, T., 2008. İktisda Giriş. Beta Basım Yayım Dağıtım, ISBN:975-295-858-3 Unluönen, K., Tayfun, A., 2007. Ekonomi. Nobel Yayın Dağıtım, ISBN:978-975-591-840-2.
Material Sharing
Documents : At the beginning of the semester, students are provided with the book and presentations which will be followed in the course.
Assignments : Students are periodically given homework to be ready for the coming topics.
Exams : Students are periodically reminded past topics through quizzes with a few questions.
Additional Material :
Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods
Lectures, Practical Courses, Presentation, Seminar, Project, Laboratory Applications (if necessary)
ECTS / Table Of Workload (Number of ECTS credits allocated)
Student workload surveys utilized to determine ECTS credits.
Activity :
Number Duration Total  
Course Duration (Excluding Exam Week) :
14 2 28  
Time Of Studying Out Of Class :
14 3 42  
Homeworks :
1 6 6  
Presentation :
0 0 0  
Project :
0 0 0  
Lab Study :
0 0 0  
Field Study :
0 0 0  
Visas :
1 15 15  
Finals :
1 25 25  
Workload Hour (30) :
Total Work Charge / Hour :
Course's ECTS Credit :
Assessment Methods and Criteria
Studies During Halfterm :
Number Co-Effient
Visa :
1 100
Quiz :
0 0
Homework :
0 0
Attendance :
0 0
Application :
0 0
Lab :
0 0
Project :
0 0
Workshop :
0 0
Seminary :
0 0
Field study :
0 0
The ratio of the term to success :
The ratio of final to success :
Weekly Detailed Course Content
Week Topics  
1 Scope of economy and problems of national economy
  Study Materials: page,1-12
2 Basic concepts of economy
  Study Materials: page,13-25
3 Economic systems
  Study Materials: page,25-31
4 The concept of market and market types
  Study Materials: page,
5 The concept of demand, demand curve, demand function
  Study Materials: page,32-37
6 The concept of supply, supply curve, supply function
  Study Materials: page,
7 Elasticities of Demand and Supply
  Study Materials: page,47-52
8 Price formation in full competition market and cobweb theorem
  Study Materials: page,71-80
9 Consumption theory
  Study Materials: page,80-93
10 Consumption theory
  Study Materials: page,93-102
11 Production theory
  Study Materials: page,103-120
12 Production theory
  Study Materials: page,121-144
13 Price formation in monopoly and monopolistic competition markets
  Study Materials: page,145-164
14 Distribution of income and Price formation in factor markets
  Study Materials: page,171-214