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Course Information
Course Unit Title : English
Course Unit Code : ING101
Type of Course Unit : Compulsory
Level of Course Unit : First Cycle
Year of Study : 1
Semester : 1.Semester
Number of ECTS Credits Allocated : 2,00
Name of Lecturer(s) :
Course Assistants :
Learning Outcomes of The Course Unit : Students can;
-Introduce people
-Say countries and nationalities
-Say and understand the numbers 1-100
-Talk about jobs, ask for, give and understand personal information (name, address, etc.).
-Ask people to repeat things. Use adjectives with very to describe things.
-Talk about personal possessions, families, times and prices. Talk about free time activities and say when they are done.
-Find important information in adverts for concerts, exhibitions, etc.
-Say where things are in a room, describe daily routine.
-Use phrases for special days, months and dates.
-Ask for, make and respond to suggestions, offer things to people, say and understand words for food and drink.
-Ask and answer questions about unknown people, talk about other people?s routines and free time activities.
-Describe towns and other familiar places, ask about other people?s towns and homes.
-Talk about things that happened in the past, say and understand years, respond to people?s news and ask follow-up questions.
Mode of Delivery : Face-To-Face
Prerequisities and Co-requisities Courses : Unavailable
Recommended Optional Programme Components : Unavailable
Course Contents : Content of Elementary Level
Languages of Instruction : Turkish
Course Goals : The Common European Framework A1 Skills
Course Aims : The Common European Framework A1 Skills
WorkPlacement   Not Available
Recommended or Required Reading
Textbook :
Additional Resources : Elementary Course Books
Material Sharing
Documents :
Assignments :
Exams : Fall Mid-Term Exams: 01-07.12.2010
Fall Final Exams: 22-23.01.2011
Fall Make-Up Exams: 29-30.01.2011
Spring Mid-Term Exams: 20-26.04.2011
Spring Final Exams: 11-12.06.2011
Spring Make-up Exams: 21-22.06.2011
Additional Material :
Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods
Lectures, Practical Courses, Presentation, Seminar, Project, Laboratory Applications (if necessary)
ECTS / Table Of Workload (Number of ECTS credits allocated)
Student workload surveys utilized to determine ECTS credits.
Activity :
Number Duration Total  
Course Duration (Excluding Exam Week) :
14 2 28  
Time Of Studying Out Of Class :
10 1 10  
Homeworks :
0 0 0  
Presentation :
0 0 0  
Project :
0 0 0  
Lab Study :
0 0 0  
Field Study :
0 0 0  
Visas :
1 15 15  
Finals :
1 20 20  
Workload Hour (30) :
Total Work Charge / Hour :
Course's ECTS Credit :
Assessment Methods and Criteria
Studies During Halfterm :
Number Co-Effient
Visa :
0 0
Quiz :
0 0
Homework :
0 0
Attendance :
0 0
Application :
0 0
Lab :
0 0
Project :
0 0
Workshop :
0 0
Seminary :
0 0
Field study :
0 0
The ratio of the term to success :
The ratio of final to success :
Weekly Detailed Course Content
Week Topics  
1 Manage simple, routine exchanges
  Study Materials: Directions, signs, notices and instructions
2 ?to be? Possessive adjectives,
  Study Materials: Posters and advertisements
3 Questions and negatives, countries
  Study Materials: Extract essential information form short recorded passages
4 Everyday objects, countries, opposite adjectives
  Study Materials: Handle simple business in shops, post offices or banks
5 ?What time is it?? Social expressions: I'm sorry. Excuse me!
  Study Materials: Make and respond to invitations, suggestions and apologies
6 There is/are, How many?, Prepositions of place
  Study Materials: Discuss what to do in the evening/at the weekend
7 Give and receive information about travel and buy tickets
  Study Materials: Forms, Standard letters
8 Agree and disagree with others, order a meal
  Study Materials: Personal correspondence
9 Agree and disagree with others, order a meal
  Study Materials: Personal correspondence
10 Describe events and activities
  Study Materials: Describe plans and arrangements
11 Express likes and Dislikes
  Study Materials: Ask for and give directions
12 Describe family and living conditions
  Study Materials: Ask for and provide personal information
13 Relate personal experience
  Study Materials: Use simple techniques to start, maintain or end a short conversation
14 Simple Past Tense
  Study Materials: Past habits