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Course Information
Course Unit Title : Modernism in Western Art
Course Unit Code : 01SAN5139
Type of Course Unit : Optional
Level of Course Unit : Second Cycle
Year of Study : Preb
Semester : 255.Semester
Number of ECTS Credits Allocated : 6,00
Name of Lecturer(s) : ---
Course Assistants :
Learning Outcomes of The Course Unit : 1. gain the ability to see the art movements which prepares way to modern art, like Romanticism, Symbolism , Impressionism and post-impressionism through the perspectives of modern art and modernist thought
2. have the ability identify connections, relationships and differences between different modern art movements
3. have a general knowledge on 19th and 20th centuries’ literature, philosophy, aesthetics, important historical events, scientific inventions and have the ability to identify relationships between them and theoretical and practical qualifications and differences of different modern art movements.
4. have knowledge and ideas about post-modernist art forms and productions
Mode of Delivery : Face-To-Face
Prerequisities and Co-requisities Courses : Unavailable
Recommended Optional Programme Components : Unavailable
Course Contents : The lecture,
examines comperatively modern art movements considering their theoretical and practical qualifications, also discusses modern art concept and the processes which prepare it in the lights of artistic, intellectual and social conditions of the eras, and also displays the influence of modern atr on post-modernist art productions.
Languages of Instruction : Turkish
Course Goals : 1. to provide a multi-perspectival knowledge and appresciation on the process which prepare the way to modern art
2.. to investigate the relationship between philosophy and art at the periods of pre-modern and modern arts
3. to identify the influences and manifestations of social changes and philosophical and scientific developments on the periods of modern art and the periods which prepare to way to the modern art
Course Aims : To present concepts of modern art and relationships and differences between modern art movements with their intellecyual, art historical and historical backgrounds and to provide a deep perspective to comprehend modern art and its origins.
WorkPlacement   --none
Recommended or Required Reading
Textbook : Antmen, Ahu, 20. Yüzyıl Batı Sanatında Akımlar, Sel Yayıncılık, 2008
Additional Resources : Alexandrian, Sarah, Surrealist Art, Thames and Hudson,1995 Art in Theory: an Anthology of Changing Ideas edited by C. Harrison - P. Wood, Blackwell, Oxford, 1998 Bowness, Alan Modern European Painting, Thames and Hudson,1997 Denvir, Bernard, Post-Impressionism, Thames and Hudson, 1992 Gray Camilla, Russian Experiment in Art, Thames and Hudson,1996 Levey, Michael, From Giotto to Cézanne, A Concise History of Painting, Thames&Hudson, 1984, London Lynton, Norbert, Modern Sanatın Öyküsü, Remzi Kitabevi, 1982 Moszynska, Anna, Abstract Art, Thames and Hudson, 1995 Philosophies of Art and Beauty (ed. A. Hofstadter) Random House, 1964, Toronto Read, Herbert, Sanatın Anlamı, Türkiye İş Bankası yay., 1974, İstanbul Read, Herbert, A Concise History of Modern Painting, Thames&Hudson, 1997, London Rhodes, Colin, Primitivism and Modern Art, Thames&Hudson, 1997 Whitfield, Sarah, Fauvism, Thames&Hudson, 1996
Material Sharing
Documents : All the visual materials will be shared via data show will be used during the lecture
Assignments : All the homeworks will be shared via presentations.
Exams :
Additional Material :
Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods
Lectures, Practical Courses, Presentation, Seminar, Project, Laboratory Applications (if necessary)
ECTS / Table Of Workload (Number of ECTS credits allocated)
Student workload surveys utilized to determine ECTS credits.
Activity :
Number Duration Total  
Course Duration (Excluding Exam Week) :
14 3 42  
Time Of Studying Out Of Class :
14 4 56  
Homeworks :
1 15 15  
Presentation :
1 15 15  
Project :
0 0 0  
Lab Study :
0 0 0  
Field Study :
0 0 0  
Visas :
1 15 15  
Finals :
1 25 25  
Workload Hour (30) :
Total Work Charge / Hour :
Course's ECTS Credit :
Assessment Methods and Criteria
Studies During Halfterm :
Number Co-Effient
Visa :
1 30
Quiz :
0 0
Homework :
1 30
Attendance :
0 0
Application :
0 0
Lab :
0 0
Project :
0 0
Workshop :
0 0
Seminary :
0 0
Field study :
0 0
The ratio of the term to success :
The ratio of final to success :
Weekly Detailed Course Content
Week Topics  
1 Introduction to modernism: in its artistic, social and philosophical contexts.
2 The factors which prepares the way to modernism in Western Thought. French Revolution, Enlightment in Philosophy, introduction of Archeology and Antropology as new scientific disciplines
3 The factors which prepares the way to modernism in Western Thought.: Developments at science and technology and social sciences: non-eucledian geometry and introduction of psychology
4 Multi-perspectival discovery of human spirit at Romantic art. Pre-Raphaelities and rejection of mimesis in the behalf of subjective vision. Searching for transcendent reallity in symbolist art ang 19th century occultism
5 Art and Crafts movement and its relations Constructivism. Utilarian thought in art and philosophy. Realism and its relations with Marxist philoposhy and Neue-sachlichket
6 Art works and aesthetics as beauty in itself, Schopenehauer?s aesthetics, Art Nouveau, Impressionism, Evolution of engraving and caricature in the context of their influence on modern art movements.
7 Towards to modernism: Post-impressionism, van Gogh, Gaugin, Seurat, Cézanne
8 Expresyonism, cubism, futurism, fauvism
9 Rediscovery of primitiv: new-primitivsm and children art, fauvism, naive art
10 Surrealism, dada, ready-made, metaphysical art in the context of reality, artistic reality, surreality and super-reality
11 Invisible truth, which is made visible through art works: Abstract art, Kandinsky, New-Plasticism, Elemantarism, Suprematism,. Two unlassified artists. Klee and Giacometti:art between surrealism, primitivism and abstract art
12 Social realism in art and new political and social structuring through the world at the beginning of 20st century: Wanderers, Consctructivism, Social realism, Neue-sachkichkeit, propagandist art
13 Reflections of physic laws at the art: rayonism, orphism, op art, Calder?s sculptures
14 An overview to post-modernist art movements. Abstract expressionism, pop art, minimalism, cosmic art, video art, gen-art, enstellation, computer art, happenings, performans art, body art etc.