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Course Information
Course Unit Title : Econometric Analysis on Agricultural Economics
Course Unit Code : 01TRE5134
Type of Course Unit : Optional
Level of Course Unit : Second Cycle
Year of Study : Preb
Semester : 255.Semester
Number of ECTS Credits Allocated : 6,00
Name of Lecturer(s) : ---
Course Assistants :
Learning Outcomes of The Course Unit : Knows how to solve econometric models and interprets its results and compares the theory of economics with the observed data
Calculates coefficients of econometric model and test magnitude of coefficients and their signs by economic theory
makes estimates of the size and economic movement.
calculate the elasticity and make comments
Make use of the techniques used and solution results and interprets.
Mode of Delivery : Face-To-Face
Prerequisities and Co-requisities Courses : Unavailable
Recommended Optional Programme Components : Unavailable
Course Contents : Econometric modeling of the process, the method of least squares, various mathematical models obtained in the form and flexibility calculations, properties of estimators, the assumptions of linear regression, autocorrelation, different variance and multicollinearity determination and elimination, linear probability models.
Languages of Instruction : Turkish-English
Course Goals : To gain ability of setting up the appropriate econometric modeling and interpretation of models results in the field of agricultural economics.
Course Aims : To gain ability of setting up the appropriate econometric modeling and interpretation of models results in the field of agricultural economics.
WorkPlacement   Not Available
Recommended or Required Reading
Textbook : Gujarati, D.N.,2001. Temel Ekonometri. Litaratür yayıncılık
Additional Resources : Tarı, R., 2006. Ekonometri. Avcı Ofset, İstanbul.
Sevüktekin, M., 2000. Ekonometrik Model Kurma Teknikleri. Vipaş, Bursa.
Akaya, Ş., Pazarlıoğlu, M.V., 1995. Ekonometri I. Anadolı Matbaacılık, İzmir.
Kennedy, P., 2000. Ekonometri El Kitabı. Gazi Kitabevi, Ankara.
Kutlar, A., 2005. Uygulamalı Ekonometri. Nobel.
Kutlar, A., 2007. Ekonometriye Giriş. Nobel.
Yavuz, F., 2001. Ekonometri Teori ve Uygulama Ders Notları. Atatürk Ü. ZF Ders Yayınları No: 185, Erzurum.
Greene, W., 2000. Econometric analysis, Prentice Hall.
Material Sharing
Documents : Students are provided with the reference textbook at the beginning of semester
Assignments : Students are motivated to be prepared for the coming lecture topics through homework.
Exams : Success of students is evaluated through written exams with 6-7 questions both in mid-term and final.
Additional Material : -
Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods
Lectures, Practical Courses, Presentation, Seminar, Project, Laboratory Applications (if necessary)
ECTS / Table Of Workload (Number of ECTS credits allocated)
Student workload surveys utilized to determine ECTS credits.
Activity :
Number Duration Total  
Course Duration (Excluding Exam Week) :
16 4 64  
Time Of Studying Out Of Class :
16 1 16  
Homeworks :
1 40 40  
Presentation :
0 0 0  
Project :
0 0 0  
Lab Study :
0 0 0  
Field Study :
0 0 0  
Visas :
1 20 20  
Finals :
1 30 30  
Workload Hour (30) :
Total Work Charge / Hour :
Course's ECTS Credit :
Assessment Methods and Criteria
Studies During Halfterm :
Number Co-Effient
Visa :
1 50
Quiz :
0 0
Homework :
1 50
Attendance :
0 0
Application :
0 0
Lab :
0 0
Project :
0 0
Workshop :
0 0
Seminary :
0 0
Field study :
0 0
The ratio of the term to success :
The ratio of final to success :
Weekly Detailed Course Content
Week Topics  
1 Definition of Econometrics, Alternative Econometric Approaches, Economic and Econometric Models.
  Study Materials: Gujarati, D.N.,2001. Temel Ekonometri (basic econometrics). Litaratür yayıncılık
2 Stages of econometric research- case study
  Study Materials: "
3 Types of data, Time series, cross section data, panel data
  Study Materials: "
4 What kind of Modeling, Principles of Model Identification, Selection of Independent Variables, Neglected Variables, unnecessary Variables, Applications, Fixed Term Usage and Interpretation.
  Study Materials: "
5 Multiple Regression Analysis, Prediction problem.
  Study Materials: "
6 Practicals on multiple regression analysis.
  Study Materials: "
7 Practicals on multiple regression analysis.
  Study Materials: "
8 Estimation of common mathematical form, linear form, Inverse Functions, Semi-Logarithmic Functions, Double logarithmic functions, Polinomial Functions, Case study.
  Study Materials: "
9 Regression Models with Multi Descriptive Solution, usefulness of the estimator, the model's usefulness,
  Study Materials: "
10 The causes of auto-correlation, detection methods, troubleshooting-way and Case study.
  Study Materials: "
11 Multicollinearity causes, detection methods, Troubleshooting-and Case study.
  Study Materials: "
12 Linear Probability Model (LPM), Logit Model, Probit Model
  Study Materials: "
13 Various econometric models applied to agriculture in the economy
  Study Materials: "
14 Various econometric models applied to agriculture in the economy-and Case study.
  Study Materials: "