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Academic Unit Details
Unit Name : Faculty of Engineering
Adres : Süleyman Demirel University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture West Campus ISPARTA TURKEY
Telephone : +90 246 211 12 69
Fax : +90 246 237 08 59
Electronic Mail :
ECTS Coordinator : Not Found
General Information : Engineering & Architecture Faculty has a twentytwo past. Establishment of our most developed Engineering and Architecture Faculty goes back to 1976 under the name of ?Isparta State Engineering and Architecture Academy?. The basic philosophy of the Faculty of Engineering & Architecture is to deliver a sound engineering education at both undergraduate and graduate levels for the purpose of providing the graduating students with a background which will enable them to carry out high quality engineering work.
Dean : Not Found
Faculty Secretary : Not Found
Acknowledgement Conditions : To have enough point and provide the required conditions for each department in the central examination (ÖSS)
Acquried Title : Undergraduate degree is given under the name of each department after completion of required credits.
Registired Perssonel State : Students who qualify to enroll in the central exam can register on annouced dates in the university.
Graduation Conditions : To complete the 130+-10 national credits and training period successful
ECTS Structuring : Configuration of ECTS in the faculty is 30 ECTS for each semester and totally 240 ECTS for 8 semester.
Academic Counselling : During the education period a faculty member assigned to advise for a group of student for 4 years in the first class.
- Computer Engineering
- Computer Engineering
- Environmental Engineering
- Electronics and Communication Engineering
- Industrial Engineering
- Food Engineering
- Civil Engineering
- Geophysical Engineering
- Geological Engineering
- Chemistry Engineering
- Mining Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering
- Automotive Engineering
- Textile Engineering