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Academic Unit Details
Unit Name : Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Adres : Suleyman Demirel University Science and Arts Faculty cunur Campus Isparta-Turkey
Telephone : +90 246 211 38 01
Fax : +90 246 237 11 06
Electronic Mail :
ECTS Coordinator : Not Found
General Information : The faculty was established by the goverment desicion made on 3 july 1992 with the number of 21281 in official journal. In term of 1993-1994, Physics, Chemistry,Biology Mathematics, History, Turkish Language department have started to have total of about 208 students. Following years other departments have also started. New building of our faculty was completed in February 2005 located in East campus.
Dean : Not Found
Faculty Secretary : Not Found
Acknowledgement Conditions : Students are accepted after passing an exam organised by the OSYM for each year.
Acquried Title : Graduate student (e.g. BSc)
Registired Perssonel State : Students who pass an exam can register in certain time period organised by OSYM.
Graduation Conditions : The credits should be taken by students of each department are different. Student has taken those credits can graduate from our faculty.
ECTS Structuring : Each sutudent should has 30 ECTS each semester for 8 semester it will be total 240 ECTS
Academic Counselling : Each student has a academic-adviser to consult any problems.
- Antropoloji
- Archaeology
- Biology
- Geography
- Philosophy
- Physics
- Western Languages and Literature Department
- Chemistry
- Mathematics
- Sanat Tarihi
- Sociology
- History
- Turkish Language and Literature