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Academic Unit Details
Unit Name : Isparta Vocational School
Adres : Isparta Vocational School 32260 Isparta
Telephone : +90 246 211 3871
Fax : +90 246 237 06 11
Electronic Mail :
ECTS Coordinator : Not Found
General Information : HISTORY
One of the High Education Institutions of Suleyman Demirel University is Isparta Vocational School that provides associate degree?s education. By its well-known history more than 30 years and accomplishment stories it created and thousand of graduates in this period gained for Human Resources of Turkey, Isparta Vocational School is one of the most outstanding vocational school of the region and our country.

By the programs of Marketing, Foreign Trade, Hospitality Service, Management and Organization, Accounting and Tax; Isparta Vocational School is configured by the concept which prefer to be expertise in professional environments that suits each other

In Isparta Vocational School, whose primary mission is to produce knowledge and provide a practice based education by putting the knowledge into real life practice, it is aimed to take the ability to renovate itself as an institutional qualification and contribute to employment and development projects effectively with its graduates who have this qualification.
The Isparta Vocational School?s main target is to be an institution which contributes to the national economy and to be an institution that works within global standards to provide the labour that the sector demands, and thus to become a brand among vocational schools.
Dean : Not Found
Faculty Secretary :
Acknowledgement Conditions : High School Diploma To be successful in a centralized placement exam conducted by OSYM
Acquried Title : Pre-Licence Graduate, Vocational Person.
Registired Perssonel State : As every profession and even high school students with university entrance scores Osym settled by our program, a vocational school to recognize the right to refer without examination.
Graduation Conditions : Getting all courses those are necessary for graduation in legal duration and graduating from the program by carrying out all the courses successfully with a minimum General Grade Average of 2.00.
ECTS Structuring : Workload equvalent to 30 ECTS credits per semester, 120 ECTS in total
Academic Counselling : An advisor is assigned to each student during their study
- Cookery
- Banking of Insurance
- Import-Export Trade Applications
- Grafik Tasarımı
- Public relations and advertise
- Human Resource Management
- Management
- Logistics
- Accounting
- Marketing
- Management of Health Institutions
- Tourism and Hotel Management