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Academic Unit Details
Unit Name : Institute of Fine Arts
Adres : Center-East Campus Classroom Building SDU Fine Arts Institute 32260th Çünür / ISPARTA
Telephone : 0246 211 38 55
Fax : 0246 237 10 38
Electronic Mail :
ECTS Coordinator : Not Found
General Information : Our Institute has received the permission of the opening on 25.02.1993 is, 1993-1994 academic year under the name of the Institute of Social Sciences was established. Institute of Fine Arts as 29 new and 13 students registered with the former Institute of Social Sciences Education 2007-2008 period has started. About the Institute of Fine Arts 2009-2010 academic year as of the Fall semester, Painting, Graphic Design, Performing Arts, Traditional Crafts and Ceramics Turkey Anasanat Branch 99 of the graduate program in Arts Competencies and 8 students are. Institute faculty members who teach us, where the relevant Faculty staff, Department of the faculty members are met. About the Institute Research Fellow and 2adet, the Higher Education Act 2547 No. 50 / d in accordance with Article has been working within Departments.
Dean : Not Found
Faculty Secretary : Not Found
Acknowledgement Conditions : Undergraduate Diploma
Acquried Title : Graduates of the Master
Registired Perssonel State :
Graduation Conditions : Master For at least 21 credit courses, 1 seminar, thesis and Application (Application areas for exhibition)
ECTS Structuring : Süleyman Demirel Universty
Academic Counselling : Süleyman Demirel Universty
- Traditional Turkish Handicrafts
- Graphic Department
- Painting
- Performing Arts
- Art and Design