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Academic Unit Details
Unit Name : Graduate School of Educational Sciences
Adres : Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi,Graduate School of Educational Sciences, 32260 Isparta Turkey
Telephone : 0 246 211 0057
Fax : 0 246 211
Electronic Mail :
ECTS Coordinator : Not Found
General Information : Graduate School of Educational Sciences was established on 24.10.2011 in accordance with the council of ministers' decision no 2011/2276. The primary purpose of the school is to offer graduate education towards to master's and doctoral degrees in the fields of pedagogical sciences, content knowledge education and teacher education, and thus to train educators and academicians in such fields. Moreover, the school supports to produce research and development projects within the context of local, national and international educational and instructional science. Currently, there are two graduate programs offering master's degree.
Dean : Not Found
Faculty Secretary : Not Found
Acknowledgement Conditions : Those who intend to apply for a Master's program must meet the following requirements: 1) Holding a Bachelor's degree in an appropriate field for the related program, 2) A minimum score of 55 from ALES, or other corresponding scores from exams such as GRE or GMAT, accepted internationally and accredited by the Turkish Board of UAK. 3) To have taken the foreign language exam of YDS/UDS, or other exams such as KPDS, TOEFL and IELTS, accepted internationally and accredited by the Turkish Board of UAK. Those who want to apply for master's degree in Foreign Language Education must obtain a minumum score of 85 from such language exams.
Acquried Title : Graduate of Master's Degree
Registired Perssonel State : The documents required for registration are accessible by the successful candidates via the school's website at:
Graduation Conditions : For Master's Degree: 60 credits of courses and seminer and thesis project.
ECTS Structuring : For Master's Degree: 120 ECTS
Academic Counselling : Faculty member appointed by the Institute Executive Board to guide the student during the periods of courses and thesis work.
- Computer Education and Instructional Technologies
- Educational Technologies M.Ed. Program
- Elementary Education
- Foreign Languages Education