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General Description
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Address : Suleyman Demirel University, Health Sciences Institute East Campus ISPARTA  
General Information : Department of Surgical Nursing, Surgical approaches to nursing for all patients with disease in healthy individuals for the recognition and protection of health, as well as the necessary preventive interventions in all surgical areas include health promotion efforts. Also includes the field of health policy development and professional development activities. Within the Operating Theatre Nursing, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Urology, breast surgery, Cardiovascular surgery, Thoracic surgery, also includes the branches of science, such as sterilization. In addition, Rehabilitation, Home Care and Palliative Care is covered areas such as maintenance.  
Qualification Awarded : Master of Sience-MsC  
Level of Qualification : Have to get Bachelor's degree in nursing Have to obtain the necessary point in ALES exam. Have to have sufficient English language skills for education in english (minimum 40 points).  
Specific Admission Requirements : To be able to apply to this program, applicants have to graduate Nursing Faculty, School of Nursing, Nursing Department of Faculty of Health Sciences , Nursing and Health Officer Department of Health College and have to have terms stated in Suleyman Demirel University's post graduate regulations.  
Specific Arrangements for Recognition of Prior Learning (formal, non-formal and informal) : The criteries stated by Higher Education Council are taken into consideration.  
Qualification Requirements and Regulations : National qualifications frameworks may contain levels (or intermediate qualifications) within the three Bologna cycles (e.g. a short cycle within the first cycle). These levels allow institutions to structure a particular qualification and regulate progression through the qualification. Qualification Requirements and Regulations are enacted by YÖK (The Council Of Higher Education) in Turkey.  
Profile of The Programme : This program has 23 courses. Some courses are only theoretical while the others are theoretical + practical. The goal of the program is to gain aimed adequacy to students who will get master of science in medical nursing field.  
Occupational Profiles of Graduates with Examples : Students who graduate from the MA program in medical nursing have the opportunity of academical upgrade and doctorate (PhD) in Medical Nursing. They can undertake the roles as manager, trainer and clinician in all areas related to nursing.  
Access to Further Studies : They can work in all areas related to nursing (hospital, private clinics, factory-business areas, schools, health organizations all volunteer non-governmental organizations etc.)..  
Aims Of Programme : The aim of the ofSurgical Nursing MA Program of Suleyman Demirel University, Health Sciences Institute is to educate students and researchers who specialized and can follow professional and scienstific developments in vocational areas.  
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading : For each course, a mid-term exam in the middle of the term, and a final exam at the end of the period have been applied.  
Graduation Requirements : The students who have and success 21 national credits (120 ECTS Credits); and present succesfuly the thesis related to his branch accepted by appointed jury members have MA diploma.  
Mode of Study (full-time, part-time, e-learning etc.) : Full time formal education.  

Program Learning Outcomes
1 Effectively communicate with health-related issues.
2 In health practices with modern techniques and tools necessary to select, use information technologies effectively.
3 Adheres to ethical and legal principles in the field of health
4 Doing scientific research in the field of health information reaches, evaluates information, reviews and implements.
5 Health is a problem in the field, regardless of the fictions, the method improves the solution, solve, evaluate the results and if necessary implements.
6 Current developments in the field of health and their work, and outside groups in written, oral and visual transfer in a systematic way.
7 At least one foreign language is spoken and written communication and have the ability to talk.
8 Absorbed in the field of health information and problem-solving capabilities, implements interdisciplinary studies.
9 Original research on a topic related to health as a process of independent design, implement and conclude.
10 Innovative science, a new scientific method is a method of developing an area of ??known or at least a portion of the study applies a unique, national and / or publish in international refereed journals, in the field of science contributes to expanding the boundaries of knowledge.
11 Critical analysis of new and complex ideas in the field of health, makes the synthesis and evaluation.
12 Health in the technological, social or cultural progress by introducing the information society contributes to the process of becoming.


Course Structure&ECTS Credits

For Each Student there must be 30 ECTS Credits for each Semester.There must be 60 ECTS Credits for an academic year.