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Course Information
Course Unit Title : Chemistry of Hydrometallurgical Processes
Course Unit Code : 01MAD6142
Type of Course Unit : Optional
Level of Course Unit : Second Cycle
Year of Study : 1
Semester : 1.Semester
Number of ECTS Credits Allocated : 6,00
Name of Lecturer(s) : ---
Course Assistants :
Learning Outcomes of The Course Unit : Chemical and engineering aspects of hydrometallurgical processes
Chemistry of metal recovery processes from pregnant solution and extraction of the metals from ores
Parameters controlling leaching rate
Kinetic, thermodynamics and electrochemical principles in the hydrometallurgical processes
Construction and interpretation of Eh?pH diagrams
Performing chemical calculations
Mode of Delivery : Face-To-Face
Prerequisities and Co-requisities Courses : Unavailable
Recommended Optional Programme Components : Unavailable
Course Contents : This module is concerned with definition and of hydrometallurgy, fundamentals of chemical reactions in the leaching systems, reaction kinetics, oxidizing and reducing reactions, Debye-Hückel theory, activation energy, parameters controlling leaching rate, kinetic models, construction and interpretation of Eh?pH diagrams, electrochemical principles in the leaching of metallic ores, leaching of sulphidic and oxide ores, metal recovery processes from pregnant solution.
Languages of Instruction : Turkish
Course Goals : Understanding chemical and engineering aspects of hydrometallurgical processes
Comprehending chemistry of metal recovery processes from pregnant solution and extraction of the metals from ores
Interpreting the Eh?pH diagrams
Course Aims : The aim of this course is to ensure that the students will be introduced to the understanding of chemical and engineering aspects of hydrometallurgical processes for the extraction of metals from ores, concentrates and other resources, fundamentals of thermodynamics and kinetics of the chemical reactions.
WorkPlacement   Not Available
Recommended or Required Reading
Textbook :
Additional Resources : Adams, M.D., 2006. Advances in Gold Ore Processing (Developments in Mineral Processing, Volume 15), Elsevier Science, ISBN 0-444-51730-8.
Akdağ, M., 1992. Hidrometalurji-Temel Esasları ve Uygulamalar. 2. Baskı. D. E. Ü. Müh. Mim. Fak. Yayını, No 88. İzmir.
Bartlett, R.W., 1998. Solution Mining: Leaching Fluid Recovery of Materials. 2nd Edition, Gordon and Breach Sci. Pub.
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Yannapoulos, J.C., 1991. The Extractive Metallurgy of Gold, VNR New York USA.
Material Sharing
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Assignments :
Exams :
Additional Material :
Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods
Lectures, Practical Courses, Presentation, Seminar, Project, Laboratory Applications (if necessary)
ECTS / Table Of Workload (Number of ECTS credits allocated)
Student workload surveys utilized to determine ECTS credits.
Activity :
Number Duration Total  
Course Duration (Excluding Exam Week) :
14 3 42  
Time Of Studying Out Of Class :
14 2 28  
Homeworks :
5 12 60  
Presentation :
0 0 0  
Project :
0 0 0  
Lab Study :
0 0 0  
Field Study :
0 0 0  
Visas :
1 15 15  
Finals :
1 25 25  
Workload Hour (30) :
Total Work Charge / Hour :
Course's ECTS Credit :
Assessment Methods and Criteria
Studies During Halfterm :
Number Co-Effient
Visa :
1 60
Quiz :
0 0
Homework :
5 40
Attendance :
0 0
Application :
0 0
Lab :
0 0
Project :
0 0
Workshop :
0 0
Seminary :
0 0
Field study :
0 0
The ratio of the term to success :
The ratio of final to success :
Weekly Detailed Course Content
Week Topics  
1 Definition and of hydrometallurgy, Introduction to hydrometallurgy
2 Fundamentals of chemical reactions in the leaching systems and reaction kinetics
3 Oxidizing and reducing reactions
4 Debye-Hückel theory, activation energy
5 Parameters controlling leaching rate
6 Kinetic models
7 Construction of Eh?pH diagrams-I
8 Construction of Eh?pH diagrams-II
9 Interpretation of Eh?pH diagrams
10 Electrochemical principles in the leaching of metallic ores
11 Leaching of oxide ores
12 Leaching of sulphidic ores
13 Metal recovery processes from pregnant solution
14 General assesment