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Süleyman Demirel University’s disabled unit improves some remedies to terminate physical and educational problems which harden, impede, limits disabled students’ learning experience in our university. Moreover, the unit coordinates students’ materials which facilitate their learning experience and provides equality of chances, meets supply of specific materials, determines social, psychological, vocational, accommodation needs and works for solutions listed above.

            This unit organises awareness activities about disabled life and learning for university staff and students.

            The unit aims to form an unimpeded life and learning campus center where students especially disabled students face with obstacles.

            Application Form:

            This form is created for our disabled students studying in this university so as to provide necessary consultation and support services. To benefit from the university’s learning and social facilities in a maximum level, initially you should fill in the form below entirely. 


            “The information you give will definitely not be given or explained to anyone as long as you don’t want the reverse.” download the form.

            SDU Disabled Unit Application Form

            Name and Surname:


            Birth date:


            Department and Class:

            Academic advisor:

            Mobile Phone Number:

            E-mail adress:


After filling the application form, please send it