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Leisure Activities & Student Clubs 

Within the University, student life is rich and varied with activities to cater to almost all talents and interests. The University has a tradition of encouraging social activities that are consistent with the educational objectives of the Institution and in response to the interests of students. All students are encouraged to take part in these activities. Student activities are organized by various Student Clubs. Students interested in participating should contact the Office of International Student Club. Clubs offices are in the central building. Besides the activities of our student clubs, well-known artists and pop-stars are invited to our university, too. Every year in May Festival, students get the chance to show their abilities by taking part in such as concerts, theatre, folklore dances, animations etc. 

Student Clubs

•Aviation Club

Suleyman Demirel University Aviation Club has begun its activities as a first student club in the university and keeps up its activities with  “paragliding” courses. Up to this time 13000 flight has been done by the paragliders and they keep on their instruction activities in Isparta (Bayat, Senirce and Egirdir), Fethiye-Oludeniz, Bolu-Abant, Denizli, İzmir-Bozdag, Manisa, Antalya-Kas. Also our paragliders join to the invitations like festivals made in Isparta and the other cities.

• Folklore Dancing Club

• Theatre Club

• Radio Club

• Music Groups and Chorus

• Mountaineering and Caving Club

• Sports Club

• Chess Club



     The Chess and Bridge club was founded at 12.01.2000.

      During the periods of the years  2002-2003  and  2003-2004 in total of 4 chess  tournaments have been arranged and many rewards have been donated to our students.

      Until now there are 25 recorded members  and there has been a significant increase in the number of members during the years. Free chess lessons , getting licence and participating in tournaments can be counted among our activities. The first 3 competitors are always awarded to participate in competitions among  all University students in Turkey.  


     Brigde is a hobby game, which is played by millions of people on earth.

     Giving  free brigde courses by experts should also be counted among our club activities.

     One of our main goal for this year is to arrange the first Bridge tournament between our students.

     One can easily find books and documents about Bridge in any where and it could also be possible to learn the game by reading too but this will take a long time for sure, so the most popular and practical way to learn Brigde is to watch the experts of this game.

• Food Club

• Orienteering Club

• Skiing Club

• Technology Club

• Diving Club

• Dance Club

• Economics and Management Club

• Atatürk’s Thought Club

• Biology and Environment Club

• Reading Club


Student Associations

Mission of a Student Representative

  • To pursue the studies of Student Council who represents faculty, high school, conservatory, vocational school or institute,
  • To announce decisions made by Student Council units and follow applications in faculty, high school, conservatory, vocational school or institute,
  • To determine students’ problems in faculty, high school, conservatory, vocational school or institute and to announce these to Student Council’s and higher education institute’s related administration units for the solution,
  • To represent students of faculty, high school, conservatory, vocational school or institute in student activities,
  • To coordinate student activities in faculty, high school, conservatory, vocational school or institute,
  • To lead conventions of Department/Program/Main Disciplines/Main Arts Student Representatives Council in faculty, high school, conservatory, vocational school or institute and to submit decisons made in the council to the higher education institute’s related administration units,
  • To attend conventions of faculty, high school, conservatory, vocational school or institute’s administration council and academic councils when it is concerned about students’ matters,
  • To improve interaction between Department/Program/Main Disciplines/Main Arts students and administration units of these elements.                  


Orientation For Exchange Students

The Office for International Relations and Socrates runs an extensive orientation week program for the international students coming to Süleyman Demirel University within the SOCRATES/ERASMUS scheme, students on bilateral exchanges with individual departments or faculties, students at the Department of Turkish for Foreigners, students at Süleyman Demirel University on full degree programs, and so on.

Upon arrival, all new students are oriented to the University, the campus, and the city. Some of the students also take part voluntarily in this organization. Sessions are designed to familiarize the students with Isparta and Turkish Life in general.

The orientation program covers academic issues, too. Students are given detailed information about cultural activites, local cuisine, local customs, entertainment, places of interest to visit in the area, getting around Isparta and banking.

International Relations and Socrates Office

Isparta Evi Alt Katı

Batı Yerleşke, Çünür/ISPARTA

Phone: +90.246.211 11 19

Fax     : +90.246.211 17 10